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As a full time professional Wedding Photographer capturing countless weddings and having spoken at workshops & gatherings such as Neil Redfern's, I've been asked by so many people for help and adviceI decide it was time I gave back to the community which helped me grow to where I am today. This isn't just for photographers but for anyone looking to develop their skill sets in multiple ways to evolve & become the best version they can of themselves.

Nominated as one of the top rising stars in the world by RangeFinder Magazine and as a multiple award winner I can assure you that anyone can achieve their goals! Together we will look master your weaknesses and elevate your photography.

My mantra is that if it's not fun it's not worth doing so be rest assured whilst it's we focus on mastering your weaknesses and develop we will enjoy the journey. If it feels like work you're less likely to want to apply yourself to do so. Please be aware though you will need to invest the time and effort in any of the programmes to achieve your goals as I can't "do it for you."

Phil salisbury photography Training

Mastering the Basics

The course is aimed but not limited to those who are new to photography or have some experience but may be struggling to get out of Auto Mode to the illusive Manual.

We will cover how your camera works, what each setting is for, how & when to use it & why. This course will be run in two sessions and will be carried out remotely via zoom currently but in the near future available face to face when restrictions are lifted.

Mastering the basics and fundamentals of photography

Mastering the basics and fundamentals of photography: This course will consist of everything included in "mastering the basics" but also covers light/moment & composition. We will dive into how these elements all play their part in photography & the importance of them.


Sales & Marketing

Attracting your ideal client

Do you know who your ideal client is & how to attract them? This course will cover discovering who your ideal client is and how to find them through to pitching the client and closing.  Upselling your products to optimise your business & optimising your presence on the internet.

With over 10 years experience in client relations and sales this course is ideal for those with little business knowledge through to those who are established but looking to boost their sales revenue. This course is a x4 part course of 1 hour sessions that run on a 1-2-1 basis via zoom.

Phil Salisbury photography bride wedding car
Phil Salisbury photography award winning

Bespoke Packages

Is there a specific area that you'd like to work on I can tailor the training to suit your needs. For more information on this please fill in the contact form and I'll be in touch to discuss your needs more.


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