My Story

Life's not about where you are but who you're with.

Hi, I'm Phil, the man with the camera.

Im outgoing, love meeting new people/couples & wedding guests. I love to laugh, love & party too. The best ones tend to be wedding ones which is such a bonus and another reason I love what I do so much! I see myself as an artistic story teller & use my camera to capture and document your wedding day.

I'm a father to the legend that is Chloe Lou. She's the absolute world to me and taught me from the first second I laid my eyes on her that everything is about moments! Irreplaceable, never to be repeated one off moments. Being able to look for and anticipate these moments allows me to capture your day and create a time capsule for you and your family to look back on and cherish. The back bone and the boss is Leanne my fiancee, a beautiful soul and sensational partner, my rock, without her I'd be lost.

I LOVE to travel and have visited many countries all over the globe including backpacking through Australia and Thailand meeting many diverse cultures and people. This has also helped considerably in me being able to adapt and connect with people seeing and anticipating moments before they happen, looking for the moments between the moments.

After travelling and learning so much about myself and others I found an appreciation for life in a different way realising this planet and the people on it are truly beautiful. The people you're surrounded by help tell your tale of life.

The promise I make to myself for every wedding I capture is to ensure I don't just show how it looked but equally as important if not more so, how it felt!